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About Sharon
(1936 - 2012)


A native of Santa Rosa, California, Sharon resided in Berthoud, Colorado for over 20 years.

BA, University of Washington, General Studies.  Major was Public Policy and Planning.

Sharon has owned horses since 1949.  From 1961-66, she co-owned and operated the largest commercial horse ranch in Northern California, handling 8500 head in 6 years.  She acted as a buyer for 5 of those years, purchasing 6,000 head.....with the opportunity to appraise, and the intent to buy, over 50,000 horses.  Notable horses that went through the ranch were Sutter's Showboy, Pacific Coast Champion Jumper in the 1960's;  Red Chief R, known as Pancho, 2 time winner of the Tevis-Cup...once setting the all time speed record of 11 hours and 18 minutes on the original Tevis Trail....also the winner of the Haggin Best Condition Award;  Jubulian K., one of the most highly awarded Appaloosa halter and Performance Appaloosas ever campaigned in California.

Sharon also operated a horse breeding program from 1955 through 1974, resuming again in 1991 to 2012.  Peak years in the 1960's involved 100 mares a year.

Showed in halter and western performance classes for nearly 20 years.

She became interested in endurance riding in 1965.  Completed theTevis Cup 100 Miles in One Day Ride in 1967 on Easter Ute, owned by James Drury of the Virginian TV Series.  Since that time, she has completed the Tevis Cup two more times, as well as other one day 100 milers, and 50 mile endurance rides.  Sharon has not only competed extensively in the United States, but also has competed in Australia, Germany and England.  She was an International rider before it became commonplace.  As a result of a severe back injury sustained from a car accident in 1982, her endurance riding career was cut short.

Writings....wrote the first National Distance Program for a horse registry.  Assisted     the Pinto Assn., International Arabian Assn., and US Pony Clubs develop their distance programs.  She also wrote and was the principal subject in the first commercially made film about endurance riding, along with writing and photographing the Competitive Trail Ride slide set for 4-H US Extension Service.

Starting in 1973 to 2012, she conducted a Nationwide and International clinic and lecture series on Endurance and Competitive Riding, trail preservation, wild horse behavior, and saddle fitting in 48 States of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, Hungary, Germany, Holland, England, Switzerland, and Brazil.  In the U.S., some of these presentations were made at Universities such as Cornell, Purdue, and 4 branches of the University of California.  Also Universities in North Carolina, Idaho, Missouri, Maryland, Georgia, Tennessee and Colorado.

In 1972, Sharon designed the first endurance trail saddle to be put into mass production, thus starting an international business that continues to this date. 

Working as the #2 National Horse Coordinator and the first business manager of the BiCentennial Wagon Train, she also pioneered the original operational manual for that Nationwide Trek.  Sharon also organized, managed, and rode in a relay from Independence hall, Pennsylvania to the gates of the White House in Washington, DC, using the historic time schedule of Paul Revere for that event.

Along with initiating the idea of the Nez Perce Trail becoming a National Trail, she provided written testimony for the US Senate hearings and gained necessary support for legislation in both Houses of Congress.  Testified before the US Senate in Idaho and Washington,DC, and the California State Senate, regarding land use issues that relate to the horse industry.

As co-producer of the Trails Unlimited slide series on the subjects of horses and land use and trail development, the series was distributed throughout the US, Australia and Canada.  She also made presentations on behalf of horse use on recreational lands to just about every Federal land management agency in Washington,DC.  Also, Sharon acted as a consultant to city, county state agencies and professional planners regarding integration of open space and recreational elements into general plans...and site specific problem solving.


In 1980, Sharon was re-elected to National Trails Council Board of Directors with the highest vote of a Nationwide slate of Nominees.. and ...was honored to receive a US Forest Service 75th Anniversary Award for "outstanding service in appreciation of your significant contributions to Forestry and Conservation"  Similiar awards in 1981 from the State of California and trail associations of Canada and Australia.  Most recently, she was included as one of the U.S. Pony Club 50th Anniversary "Legends", and was inducted into the Sonoma County California Horse Council Hall of Fame.

Along with numerous published articles for over 40 years in 100 different horse publications in the US, Canada, Australia, and Holland, her photography has been in National Geographic, Xerox, Farnam, Equus, US Forest Service, Dept. of the Interior, President Ford Museum, and numerous horse magazine covers. 

In 1982, 83, 84, she conducted a Nationwide seminar series re: Land Use and the Horse Industry, sponsored by Farnum Co and Millers.  In 1985 and 86, she conducted a Nationwide lecture series on wild horse behavior and capture methods sponsored by the Bureau of Land Management, US Dept. of Interior.

In 1987, she turned full attention to her saddle business, developing both horned and no horn models, now being used in many different countries.  Sharon currently provides saddles for numerous police departments.

Sharon Saare Saddles are internationally known....Three World Championships, two Championships in France, two Reserve in Europe, Championships in Scotland, Switzerland, and the Middle East, have been won with her saddles.  Championships in both Endurance and Competitive Trail Riding in the U.S. by riders using Sharon's saddles are too numerous to list.