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Endurance Saddles I

Heavy Saddles....Many of our clients in Europe and the Middle East struggle to meet FEI weight requirements.  For their convenience, we have developed heavy trees from 10 to 25 lbs....making finished endurance saddles at 30 to 40 lbs, or more.  They are a favorite of Junior riders and small adults.


Rigging.....We have multiple rigging options to suit horse and rider preferences.

Weights....Our standard endurance at 24 to 26 lbs. has been a favorite of our pleasure riding clientele for over a quarter of a century.

For serious endurance riders;

"Lites" at 22 lbs.

"Superlites" at 17 lbs.

The new "Feather" at 14 lbs.

...and the patented "Sahara" at 10lbs.

Hides vary in density, so weights are approximate.....Some are minus girth and stirrups.

We have been offering custom fender lengths and widths for over 20 years.